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Empowering your crypto journey

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Ways to trade with SCRYPT


Easy-to-use web interface (UI)


Accessible 24/7 with Websocket and FIX capabilities

Voice Trading

Over popular chat systems

A single-entry point for trading digital assets

We cover the whole trade cycle from digital onboarding, real-time price visibility, leverage, best execution, to automated settlement and a borderless on/off-ramping experience worldwide.

Premier Pricing Solutions

Benefit from SCRYPT's competitive pricing, backed by our extensive network of exchanges and market makers.

Trusted Scalable Solutions

As a leading name in the sector, SCRYPT offers tailored execution solutions designed for the modern digital finance ecosystem.

Optimised Market Efficiency

With SCRYPT, streamline your trading by consolidating accounts across numerous liquidity providers, thereby reducing the risks associated with trade exposure.

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Superior Execution

  • 24/7 optimal trading conditions, deep liquidity with no slippage.

Advanced Connectivity

  • Accessible via our GUI, API (Websocket, FIX), and OMS integrations.

Deep Liquidity

  • Aggregated liquidity ensures superior execution and no slippage.

Capital Efficiency

  • Two-way streaming pricing allows trading without pre-funding.

Sophisticated Trading

  • Utilise a range of advanced order types including Market, Limit, Steady-Pace, TWAP, VWAP, and more, to enhance your trading strategies.

Transparent Pricing

  • Benefit from the best market prices with no hidden fees on all order types.

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2m+ trades executed

2,000+ trading pairs

150+ crypto assets

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Spread Analysis

Fiat to Crypto


Dollars, Euros, Pounds, and Swiss Francs to popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Over $3 billion

has been processed through our on and off ramp services.

Our robust infrastructure and efficient processes

have enabled us to handle high transaction volumes with precision and reliability.

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What our customers say


“SCRYPT's platform has been instrumental in enhancing our brokerage services. Their combination of advanced technology and deep market insights aligns perfectly with our needs as a UK regulated crypto broker, offering us an edge in a competitive market.”

Graham Rodford
Co-founder and CEO of Archax

“Partnering with SCRYPT has revolutionized our trading experience. Their superior execution and diverse crypto asset access have significantly enhanced our market operations. SCRYPT's platform is a game-changer for us in the Middle East's dynamic crypto landscape.”

Joseph Dallago
CEO of Rain Exchange

“Working with SCRYPT has developed into a solid partnership. Their competitive pricing and adaptive settlement practices has made trading seamless with our OTC desk. We look forward to keep building on this strong relationship.”

Louis Avrilleaud
Head of Trading, Digital Asset Management


Does SCRYPT accept traditional fiat currencies?

Yes, SCRYPT accepts various traditional fiat currencies as funding options, including EUR, USD, CHF, GBP, and more.
The handling of fiat transactions is done in collaboration with our trusted banking partners.

Do you have trade sizes limit?

Our trading infrastructure provides clients with complete flexibility to execute trades of any size.

How can I connect my trading operations automatically to SCRYPT?

We provide API connections for seamless integration of your trading operations with SCRYPT.
You can connect to SCRYPT through Websocket and FIX API connections, enabling direct and automated access to our platform.

Does SCRYPT offer post-trade settlement?

SCRYPT does offer post-trade settlement to clients. This feature enables them to view prices and execute trades without the requirement of pre-funding their account with the full amount of capital necessary.
It is important to note that this arrangement, commonly known as "post-trade settlement" in OTC trading terminology, does not involve a formal extension of credit in the traditional borrowing and lending sense.

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