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SCRYPT for Fintechs: Enabling Fintech Success

Crypto Exchanges

Digital Banks

Saving and Investment Apps

Robo Advisors

Challenges for Fintechs


Responsive user experience for quicker execution of crypto assets transactions


Reduce operational costs thought API integration and seamless processes


Provide a wide range of assets and blockchains to meet the needs of retail clients


Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements

How using SCRYPT solves these challenges

Advanced API Integration:

Trade over 150 crypto assets, integrating SCRYPT's technology seamlessly into your product. Engage in dynamic spot trading markets and facilitate easy conversions between fiat and crypto.




Empowering your crypto journey

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Why Fintechs choose SCRYPT

Wide Trading Universe

Effortlessly trade and settle among 150+ cryptocurrencies, with easy exchanges against major fiat currencies like EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, and more. Catering to retail and institutional flows of all sizes.

Deep Liquidity

Execute trades confidently without fear of slippage or additional trading or settlement fees.

24/7 Trading

Through our intuitive trading User Interface (UI), and API (WebSocket, FIX).

Regulatory Assurance

As a Swiss-licensed entity, SCRYPT adheres to stringent KYC/AML and blockchain analytics standards, ensuring a secure and compliant trading environment.


Explore more cases

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Case studies


Case study 1

Relai App chooses SCRYPT for Best Pricing and Lowest Spreads

Relai, a Swiss-based Bitcoin-only investment app, has established itself as a streamlined solution for Bitcoin enthusiasts. Relai is at the forefront of simplifying Bitcoin investment for a growing community.


app downloads

million invested


Relai faced a critical challenge in maintaining its competitive edge in the market. The primary concern was achieving optimal price execution for large Bitcoin transactions, a key factor in sustaining user trust and market position. Underlying this were the needs to ensure competitive pricing, manage high-volume transactions efficiently, and maintain their reputation for reliability and trustworthiness.

  • Achieving optimal price execution for large over-the-counter (OTC) Bitcoin transactions.
  • Ensuring market competitiveness, maintaining user trust through competitive pricing, and efficiently handling high-volume transactions.


To address these challenges, Relai turned to SCRYPT. Leveraging SCRYPT's deep liquidity, Relai was able to utilize a trading platform that ensured the best price execution with the lowest spread, alongside swift settlement processes. This strategic move enabled Relai to optimise their transactional capabilities significantly.

  • Trading: By utilising SCRYPT’s deep liquidity, Relai ensuring best price execution, lowest spread, enhancing their trading operations.


The collaboration with SCRYPT has delivered significant benefits for Relai:

  • Enhanced trading execution quality: By leveraging SCRYPT's competitive pricing, Relai offers more favourable pricing to its users.
  • Increased OTC trading volume: The efficient handling of transactions has results in a significant increase in over-the-counter trading volume.
  • Reduced execution time: The rapid execution and settlement of sizable transactions has elevated the overall user experience for Relai’s clientele.

As a result of this partnership, the majority of Relai's OTC deals are now efficiently executed through SCRYPT. This has not only led to favourable pricing for Relai's users but also enhanced the quality of execution. More importantly, it has contributed to higher trading volumes and substantial revenue growth for Relai, reinforcing its position as a leader in the Bitcoin investment space.

Julian Liniger

Founder and CEO at Relai

"SCRYPT consistently secures the most competitive Bitcoin prices for us. It stands out among all our providers for delivering best execution, low pricing, and tight spreads with minimal fees. These all factor into why we prefer SCRYPT for our OTC transactions."

Case study 2

Yield App Choose SCRYPT for deep liquidity & seamless crypto-to-fiat conversions

Yield App stands at the forefront as a premier digital wealth platform, offering its users a wide array of elite crypto investment options. With a user base of over 90,000 spanning 140+ jurisdictions, Yield App has carved a niche in the digital finance world.




The primary issue Yield App faced was enhancing their crypto-to-fiat conversion capabilities to better serve their diverse user base. Additionally, there was a pressing need to streamline the user experience and improve the efficiency of digital asset transactions.

Streamlining user experience and bolstering the efficiency of digital asset transactions.
Enhancing crypto-to-fiat conversion capabilities.


Yield App's partnership with SCRYPT introduced a fusion of high-performance technology and expansive market access, significantly elevating their digital asset management capabilities. This strategic alliance was instrumental in refining their trading and conversion processes.

  • Trading: Through the partnership with SCRYPT, Yield App revolutionised digital asset management by levering high-performance technology and profound market access.
  • Payment: Beyond trading, SCRYPT played a pivotal role in refining Yield App’s fiat conversion and payment processes, providing users a comprehensive solution for managing their digital assets.


As a result of this collaboration, Yield App witnessed:

  • Increased the trading universe and the availability of trading pairs, improving Yield App’s offering and end-user experience.
  • Enhanced efficiency in fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto conversation capabilities, facilitating smoother transactions.
  • Elevated user satisfaction due to the improved and streamlined processes.Yield App users now benefit from unparalleled operational efficiency and access to secure, innovative solutions for their digital asset portfolios. This enhancement in service quality has significantly boosted user experience and trust in the platform.

Norman Wooding

Founder & CEO at SCRYPT

“This collaboration marks a pivotal moment for the industry. Leveraging SCRYPT's high-performance technology and deep market access, we are raising the bar in digital asset management. Our top-notch API connectivity means Yield App users will enjoy an experience that is second to none.”

Gero Piskov

Card & Payments Manager at Yield App

“Our strategic partnership with SCRYPT shows how companies with a European footprint can harmonize their strengths. It offers a glimpse into the future, where streamlined collaborations can enhance user experiences in the digital asset industry. With Yield App’s customer-centric approach and SCRYPT’s expertise, we’re positioned to offer our customers unrivaled opportunities to maximize their digital asset portfolios, this is a testament to our dedication to providing secure and innovative solutions to meet our growing user base’s needs.”


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