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Safeguarding Your Digital Assets

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Institutional-grade security for crypto assets

We simplify the management of a large variety of crypto asset and protocols, with our secure, compliant, and personalised custody services. Our solution is built on Fireblocks technologies, enhanced by SCRYPT’s governance and secure key management infrastructure.


1,100+ crypto assets, tokens and stablecoins


Ethereum, Near, Polygon, Solana and more proof-of-stake protocols

Deposit and withdraw

Сrypto assets and FIAT with fast transaction processing time

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Why Custody with SCRYPT

Asset Protection

  • Transactions require multi-signature authorisations, reducing the risk of unauthorised access and error.
  • Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan implemented with Coincover, along with insurance coverage.


  • Robust custody solution built on Fireblocks Multi-Party Computation technology, complemented by SCRYPT’s governance and secure key management infrastructure.
  • Advanced Hardware Security Modules (HSM) add an extra layer of security to protect your private keys.


  • Swiss-based and regulated financial services company, ensuring compliance with industry standards for Know Your Customer & Anti-Money Laundering.
  • Transaction monitoring, employing Know Your Transaction filters to block transactions from wallets associated with illicit activities.

Institutional-grade services

  • Store your crypto assets in segregated and dedicated vaults, ensuring direct ownership and off-balance sheet holding.
  • Our position as a trusted custodial partner is reinforced by the successful completion of robust due diligence conducted by leading institutions.

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What our customers say


How does crypto assets custody differ from traditional custody?

A custodian is a trusted third-party that is responsible for safeguarding valuable assets on behalf of a consumer.

A bank may provide its clients with a custody service for physical assets by providing a safe deposit box, or for traditional equity and fixed income assets by providing a securities account. When it comes to crypto assets, custody involves protecting the private keys of the wallet that enable access to the crypto assets.

The regulatory landscape, recovery methods for lost assets, and the mechanisms for granting and controlling fund access distinguish crypto custody from its traditional counterpart.

What are the benefits of using a custodian over self-storage?

Custodians provide advanced security measures, offering a more secure environment compared to self-storage solutions, reducing the risk of permanent loss of crypto assets, theft, or unauthorised access.

If a private key is lost, forgotten, or compromised, there is a high risk of irretrievable loss of the crypto assets. Unlike traditional accounts where password recovery options exist, losing a private key often means permanent loss of assets.

What are the benefits of using a custodian over leaving the crypto assets on an exchange?

Custodians diminish the inherent counterparty risk associated with crypto exchanges, presenting a secure and segregated storage solution.

This minimizes exposure to potential operational risks, including insolvency, illiquidity, inadequate capital, fraud, key personnel risks, and cybersecurity threats. Additionally, custodians adhere to rigorous regulatory standards, ensuring a compliant environment for storing crypto assets.

This commitment is key for institutional investors and corporations seeking alignment with legal requirements.

How does SCRYPT ensure the security of custodied crypto assets?

SCRYPT employs state-of-the-art security measures, including multi-signature transaction authorisation, Multi-Party Computation technology, Advanced Hardware Security modules, encryption protocols, Disaster Recovery Plan, and robust governance of key management.

Our commitment is to provide a secure environment for our clients' crypto assets.

Are client assets segregated within SCRYPT's custody services?

Absolutely. Client assets are held in segregated vaults, ensuring that each client's crypto assets holdings remain distinct and identifiable. This segregation is maintained off-chain in the blockchain, providing transparency and security

Can clients stake their crypto assets while in custody with SCRYPT?

Yes. Clients can easily stake their crypto assets directly within their segregated vault. It's important to note that there is no pooling of crypto assets with other clients or within SCRYPT's own assets. This ensures secure staking experience within each client's dedicated vault.

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