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SCRYPT for Traders: Improve Your Execution Quality

Trading Firms

Quant Funds

Hedge Funds

Challenges for Traders 


Trading venues with deep liquidity and fiat capabilities


Minimizing slippage due to fragmented liquidity


Counterparty risk associated with trading on unregulated exchanges located in offshore jurisdictions


Ensuring optimal execution thought a robust and high-performance trading infrastructure

How using SCRYPT solves these challenges 

24/7 Trading:

Through our intuitive trading User Interface (UI), and API (WebSocket, FIX).

Fiat Gateway Advantage:

Leverage our extensive global banking network for improved fiat liquidity and seamless transactions.

Comprehensive API Integration:

Seamlessly integrate SCRYPT's capabilities into your existing systems for enhanced operational efficiency.

Dedicated Account Manager:

Benefit from the dedicated expertise of our account managers for block trade or bespoke execution on low liquid assets.




Empowering your crypto journey

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Why Traders choose SCRYPT:

Deep Liquidity

Execute trades confidently without fear of slippage or additional trading or settlement fees.

Wide Trading Universe

Effortlessly trade and settle among 150+ cryptocurrencies, with easy exchanges against major fiat currencies like EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, BRL, and more.

Capital Efficiency

Trade without having to pre-fund your account, improving capital efficiency and reducing counterparty risk. Additionally, benefit from fast settlement further mitigate counterparty risk.


As a Swiss-licensed entity, SCRYPT adheres to stringent KYC/AML and blockchain analytics standards, ensuring a secure and compliant trading environment.


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