in Digital Assets
is the next Financial Paradigm

Blockchain technology is changing the way we manage money and invest

Digital assets is an emerging asset class with market inefficiencies and considerable opportunities enabling unique investment strategies, from pure alpha to alternative income stream and high growth potential
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The Biggest Challenge

Quest for real yield is becoming challenging in traditional finance due to several factors

Demographic Shifts

Driven by increasing longevity of retiring baby boomers leading to growing pension funding needs.
World’s Negative-Yielding Debt Pile Hits USD 18 Trillion Record.
Bloomberg, December 2020

Zero-Rate Environment

Sovereign and quasi-sovereign fixed income market in US, Japan and Euro-zone, pension funding gap has increased.
Most people haven’t had a forty-plus year career, and they’ve only seen declining inflation over the last 30-plus years. So, this is going to be a pretty big shock.
Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, June 2021

Connecting investors with meaningful opportunities in the digital asset space with institutional-grade investment funds and discretionary portfolios


Need to create more resilient and diversified portfolios incorporating new alternative revenue streams

Digital Assets

Digital Assets are an emerging asset class with a distinct set of properties with the potential to provide inflation protection, growth exposure, and diversification in an investor’s portfolio.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

DeFi money market protocols enable investors to deposit assets in liquidity pools with attractive interest rates (single to low double-digit yield) with low cost, high transparency, and attractive returns.


Tokenisation of real-world assets will ease ability to access alternatives investments (supply chain financing, freight forwarding invoices). This will result in a durable form of asset class diversification that could help to diversified cash flows and return sources in an investor’s portfolio.

Our Products

Our investment products ensure optimal exposure in a secure, simple, and regulated environment.

Benefit from

Exponential growth
Benefit from the long-term performance of one of the world’s fastest-growing asset classes
Achieve diversified exposure and benefit from the growth of various sectors within
New Asset Class
Access an emerging asset class in a secure and regulated environment.

Our philosophy

Clients first

We are building investment solution that make financial sense to our clients, starting with an in-depth understanding of clients’ needs and requirements, and wrapped in an institutional-grade product.

In a negative real yield environment in most developed countries, we think that macroeconomic environment will continue to be a strong tailwind driving digital assets adoption from financial institutions.


As a data-driven company, Scrypt is creating investment product fostering innovation with a combination of systematic data analysis and human experience, as we think that humans and algorithms are more powerful together.


Scrypt’s team combine technology entrepreneurs with a deep expertise in digital assets with senior professionals with decades of experience in investment management, trading, quantitative research, strategy and product development, from leading traditional asset managers and investment banks. Regardless of individual background, we have all the conviction that digital assets and decentralised finance would revolutionise the world of finance.

Institutional-grade infrastructure

We are dedicated to build a regulated and secured technical infrastructure, from the most-trusted administrator to world-class third-party custodians. Last but not least, we thrive to get a portfolio management company license in Switzerland, and we expect to complete the application by the end of the first quarter 2022.

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