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Asset Management pioneer in institutional crypto assets investing

SCRYPT Digital Investments AG (“SCRYPT”) is a licensed and regulated portfolio manager under the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), dedicated to providing specialised investment management services in crypto assets for institutional and professional investors.

Next wave of opportunities in blockchain investments

The blockchain revolution is creating unprecedent opportunities for alpha generation, performance and distinctive risk / rewards profile, surpassing traditional asset classes. SCRYPT gives you the confidence to seize these opportunities with a pioneer in institutional crypto asset investing.

Investment Strategy

At SCRYPT, we understand every investor is unique. That's why we offer a tailored, institutional-grade portfolio directly into your own portfolio.

Stablecoin High Yield

Income generation strategies

Optimise your treasury cash holdings by investing in our stablecoins managed strategy designed to generate a high yield while maintaining relatively low volatility and market exposure.

Crypto Assets

Gain exposure to Bitcoin and crypto returns

Embark on our direct indexing strategies designed to provide exposure to the most established crypto assets and projects. Our objective is to capture the full growth potential and diversification benefits of this dynamic asset class.

Liquid Venture Capital

Thematic investing in early-stage Web3 token

Participate in the dynamic expansion of web3 companies with our actively managed strategy focusing on liquid tokens of early-stage blockchain and crypto projects.

Why invest *with us

Licensed Portfolio Manager

SCRYPT Digital Investments AG is a FINMA licensed portfolio manager and affiliated with the supervisory organisation FINcontrol Suisse AG.

Dedicated Experts

Meet our team of investment professionals, with decades of experience across leading asset managers, technology entrepreneurs and blockchain experts. Our collective passion for blockchain technology drives a unified commitment to your financial success.


Exercise your freedom to choose the custody solution that aligns with your preferences. Whether it's a regulated custodian, a non-custodial wallet, or rely on us to select from our network of industry-leading custodians, we adapt to your unique requirements and sophistication levels.


At SCRYPT, personalisation is not just a service — it's a commitment.We begin by a comprehensively understanding your needs and requirements and we design a unique investment strategy implemented in a segregated portfolio tailored exclusively to you.

How we help your clients?

Assisting family offices in crypto assets allocation through direct indexing

Direct indexing is an investment approach that involves acquiring individual crypto assets within a specific index, rather than investing in Exchange-Traded Products or Certificates that replicate the index.

This solution presents a compelling option for family offices and institutional investors seeking an allocation to crypto assets, offering the benefits of lower fees, higher performance, greater control, transparency, and a personalised investment experience.

Lower fees

  • No bid-ask spread or broker fees, and reduction of at least 40% in asset management fees compared with a collective product.
  • Subscription in-kind to avoid trading costs.
  • Elimination of trading costs incurred by daily rebalancing from other investors in a collective product.

Higher Performance

  • Algorithmic model to optimise the index replication and reduce trading costs and gas fees.
  • Optimised performance with staking.

Direct Ownership

  • Investors have direct ownership of the underlying crypto assets within their segregated managed account.


  • Full transparency of all operation in real-time, accessible on the client’s account or directly on the blockchain.


  • Tailor a portfolio to each investor’s specific needs and objectives.
  • Create custom indices to emphasise themes and sectors.
  • Direct relationship with the investment manager for enhanced communication and personalised service.

Assisting DAOs, Foundations and Web3 companies to manage their USD Treasury Cash with decentralised finance protocols

In recent months, many DAOs, Foundations and Web3 Companies have found themselves holding substantial funds in their treasuries without clear avenues for effective utilisation.

Recognising this challenge, we have developed a USD Stablecoin High Income solution. This offering provides an attractive yield coupled with relatively low volatility, aligning perfectly with the risk/return profile suited for a stable treasury cash position within a DAO, foundation, or Web3 company.


  • Achieve double-digit performance with a relatively low volatility and risk on your USD treasury cash holdings.
  • Utilise subscription in-kind to avoid trading costs and fees.


  • SCRYPT provides a distinctive regulated Treasury management solution within a non-custodial framework, allowing DAOs and Foundations to retain ownership of their assets.


  • Seamless non-custodial or MPC-based investment solutions for USD treasury cash holdings aligning with the philosophies of DAOs and Foundations.


  • Customise investment guidelines, risk parameters, and liquidity profiles to align with the specific needs and objectives of each Treasury Department.


  • Liquid investments with the flexibility for investors to withdraw USD or USDC on short notice, meeting cash management requirements.

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