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SCRYPT for Corporates: Supercharging Corporate Payments and Treasury

Cross-Border Payment Companies

Trading Companies

Web3 Companies



Mining Companies

Challenges for Corporates


Complexities in managing cross-border payments


High transaction costs of traditional cross-border payments, including fees for currency conversion and banking services


Slow settlement times as a payment can take up to several banking days to settle due to the involvements of multiple intermediaries and different banking systems


Compliance and regulatory complexity of cross-border transactions

How using SCRYPT solves these challenges 

Efficient cross-border transactions:

Leveraging blockchain technology, SCRYPT's advanced platform enables swift and cost-effective international transactions 24/7, reducing settlement times and minimizing costs.

Fiat On/Off Ramp:

Deposit and transfer fiat currencies (USD, EUR, CHF, GBP, CHF, SGD, BRL) through our global banking network.

Operational Infrastructure:

From custody to trading, SCRYPT assists corporations in diversifying their corporate core cash treasury. This includes cross-border transactions or facilitating allocations for diversification benefits, capital gains, and hedging against fiat currency debasement.

Treasury Management:

SCRYPT collaborates with corporations to develop tailored investment strategies that align with their objectives and risk profile. These strategies aim to earn an attractive yield on core cash holdings.




Empowering your crypto journey



Safeguarding Your Digital Assets



Staking Made Simple

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Why Corporates choose SCRYPT


SCRYPT reduces settlement times and transaction fees, helping corporations to improve their bottom line and enhance profitability.

Market access and efficiency

Access to a wide trading universe with deep liquidity and bespoke algorithmic execution for low-liquid assets.

Customised solutions

SCRYPT offers customized solutions to meet unique corporate needs in cross-border transactions and treasury management


As a Swiss-licensed and regulated entity, SCRYPT ensures compliance with stringent KYC/AML and blockchain analytics standards, providing corporations with a secure and compliant trading environment.


Explore more cases

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Case studies


Case study 1

Kiln optimises treasury management with SCRYPT.


Kiln, a prominent crypto asset staking platform, primarily generates revenue in crypto assets, while most of its expenses are in euros and dollars. This situation is exacerbated by the low liquidity of certain crypto assets.

$4+ billion of assets under staking
Live on 30+ proof-of-stake blockchains


Kiln faces the challenge of converting its revenue stream from crypto assets, known for their high volatility, into fiat currencies. This highlights the critical importance of a reliable partner capable of executing trades optimally and settling in fiat currency.

  • Need to enhance crypto-to-fiat conversion capabilities.
  • Bespoke execution on low liquidity assets.


SCRYPT stepped in to provide Kiln with bespoke execution and euros and dollars off-ramp services. By utilising SCRYPT’s advanced bespoke and algorithmic execution capabilities, Kiln was able to execute on a wide number of assets, minimizing price impact on assets with lower liquidity and optimize its asset conversion process to fiat, aligning it with their strategic financial management needs.

  • Frequently trading low liquidity crypto assets with limited market impact.
  • Enhancing crypto-to-fiat conversion capabilities.


The implementation of SCRYPT's services marked a significant enhancement in Kiln’s treasury management. Kiln gained the ability to execute large trades on liquid asset, algorithmic execution strategies over time on less liquid assets to minimize market impacts, and seamlessly converting assets into fiat, all through a single partner.

  • Enhanced treasury and cash flow management, streamlined planning, and optimised revenues for Kiln.
  • Strengthened the partnership between Kiln and SCRYPT, paving the way for future collaborations.

Norman Wooding

Founder & CEO at SCRYPT

“We are proud to be partnered with Kiln. SCRYPT puts risk management and quality service above all else and we are happy to provide a service that will be invaluable to Kiln –particularly in a turbulent market. As SCRYPT has a 99.99% uptime and superior execution – we can offer Kiln the best environment to convert its assets whenever it’s needed.”

Laszlo Szabo

CEO & Co-Founder of Kiln

“We’re pleased to use SCRYPT's services to facilitate our crypto-to-fiat conversions. This type of service is extremely valuable to help us manage risk and to better manage our treasury, especially in these volatile market conditions. This is the last step of an already fruitful partnership with SCRYPT, as they already use our staking products, and we are already thinking about extending our collaboration.”

Case study 2

A commodities trading firm enhances cross-border payments with SCRYPT

A prominent commodity trading company, renowned for its extensive global operations, faced significant challenges in managing large-scale cross-border transactions. The primary hurdles included prolonged settlement times and exorbitant banking fees, which were impeding their operational efficiency.

$25 million in revenue
Non-listed private company


The company faced two primary challenges:

  • Prolonged settlement times: Traditional banking systems entailed lengthy processing times for cross-border transactions, leading to operational and financial risks.
  • High banking fees: Excessive fees associated with international transactions inflated operational costs, impacting the bottom line.


SCRYPT provided an innovative solution tailored to the company's cross-border transaction process. By leveraging SCRYPT’s platform, the company could enable swift, secure, and cost-effective international transactions.


The adoption of SCRYPT's solutions led to transformative results for the corporate:

  • Significantly reduced settlement times: The integration of SCRYPT’s platform accelerated transaction processing, resulting in near-instantaneous settlements.
  • Dramatic reduction in transaction costs: By bypassing traditional banking channels, the company achieved significant savings on international transfer fees.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency: The streamlined process improved overall business efficiency, allowing the company to prioritise growth and expansion initiatives.

Norman Wooding

Founder & CEO at SCRYPT

“We are delighted to assist our corporate clients in redefining their cross-border transactional processes. By utilising SCRYPT’s platform, we have demonstrated that large international transfers can be both time-efficient and cost-effective, marking a significant leap forward in operational efficiency.”


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