Secure your Digital Assets from cyber attacks, internal collusion, and human error with a multi-layer technology.
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Institutional-Grade Multi-Layer Security

MPC Wallet Infrastructure

A multi-layer security matrix that layers MPC, Intel SGX, policy engine, and a deposit address authentication network to deliver the most impenetrable system on the market.

From Fireblocks

We leverage Fireblock's proprietary protocol, pushing transaction speeds up to 8x faster than the industry average.

Our Security

Multi-Party Computation
MPC-CMP private key protection layer removes the single point of compromise from both external hackers and insiders – as private keys are never concentrated on a single device at any point in time.
Hardware Isolation
Keys stored in SGX cannot be extracted even if malware or a hacker has control over the server’s OS – as the memory space and the data in the SGX enclave are encrypted.
Policy Engine
A Policy Engine that enables organizations to set up specific approval policies for every transaction, allowing users to configure a list of rules that affect how transactions are handled and approved.

Why Scrypt

Institutional Governance

Funds are held in dedicated, segregated client vaults.

No single point of failure

Keys are sharded across multiple cloud secure enclaves and hardware devices.


Assets are insured in storage, transfer, and against errors and omissions. Fireblocks is SOC 2 Type II certified and completes regular pen testing from ComSec and NCC Group.

Disaster proof

Additional security by Coincover - disaster recovery protection for your digital assets. Enhanced by Lloyd’s of London 100% insurance-backed safety standard covering loss or theft.

KYC / AML Compliant

Blockchain Analysis is performed on all transactions, providing the insight and anti-money laundering controls needed for next generation compliance frameworks.