Scrypt joins BCB Group's Blinc network to supercharge trading for clients

Clément Richard

Swiss investment firm Scrypt has announced it is working with BCB Group, Europe’s leading provider of business accounts and trading services for the digital asset economy. Scrypt is also integrated with Blinc, BCB’s global payments network and one of the first real-time payment networks of its kind to allow free, real-time transactions across fiat and digital currencies, enabling participants to settle instantly in any of the currencies supported, with no limits.

Zurich, 13 October 2021 Scrypt is paving the way for institutional adoption of digital assets, providing institutional-grade solutions including access to deep liquidity, best-in-class execution, FX, and derivatives within one secure ecosystem. Scrypt trading is a fast, reliable and state of the art platform for 24/7 execution, and caters 800+ pairs in USD, EUR, CHF, GBP, plus advanced order types, all accessible via API. As such, a trustworthy banking partner is a must. The Scrypt team believes that few stand out in the digital asset space as clearly as BCB Group, who have been spearheading crypto-friendly banking infrastructure for years.

With a dedicated focus on institutional payment services, BCB Group provides business accounts, cryptocurrency and foreign exchange market liquidity for some of the world’s largest crypto-engaged financial institutions. BCB Group is the only dual-regulated institution of its kind to offer clients a complete end-to-end suite of payment processing, cryptocurrency trading and custody services accessible through a unified API-enabled platform, allowing clients to access a complete range of digital asset services in one place.

Scrypt Founder and CEO Norman Wooding commented: “With BCB, our clients benefit from fast and reliable settlement on fiat transfers. In addition, their Blinc network is a prime example of innovation in the space, where counterparties benefit from instant and free transfers between each other. For Scrypt, this supercharges our trading ecosystem and helps us and our clients capture otherwise missed opportunities. Unlike traditional banks, when in comes to digital assets, BCB are putting their clients first.”

BCB Group’s Founder and CEO, Oliver von Landsberg-Sadie, added: “We are delighted that Scrypt has chosen BCB as its payments partner. Scrypt has already made a name for itself in the market as one of the leading firms providing institutions for solutions to gain exposure to cryptoassets, with a strong blend of regulated infrastructure and innovative solutions, and we are pleased to be associated with an operation of this calibre. We look forward to continuing the relationship.”